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  • Salary/benefits negotiation
  • Role enhancements
  • Certifications
  • Resume review 
  • Job search


  • Spending/saving plan
  • Debt/credit
  • Investments 
  • Taxes 
  • Employee benefits
  • Insurance
  • Retirement/estate
  • Education planning


  • Cash flow/funding
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Coordinating corporate and personal planning

I have experience covering general financial planning principles, investment planning, retirement savings and income planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning, professional conduct and regulation, and education planning. 

In addition, I’ve received my Enrolled Agent credential, the highest tax professional credential recognized by the IRS, covering the taxation of individuals and businesses, and the representation of clients before the IRS.  

Case Studies


is a NY artificial intelligence tech salesperson for a Fortune 50 company. 

  • Aligned investments with short and long term goals, values, and actual historical risk tolerance
  • Investment Policy Statement - current situation, where we’re going, and what we’ll do when things get bumpy 
  • Graphically visualized income, expenses, and how much to automate towards various goals, emergency fund, and unexpected and expected expenses
  • Determined best use of bonus
  • Ended credit and debt cycle by paying off line of credit and credit card 
  • Evaluated risk and reward of an Islamic loan real estate deal 
  • Maximized Health Savings Account contributions (triple tax free savings for qualified health expenses)


is weighing various agribusiness careers, education programs, and living options (rent or own home/land).

  • Determined comfortable withdrawal to automate for student loans, investments, emergency fund, and goals 
  • Weighed whether to rent or own a home and land (vetting bank grant for 1st time homebuyers, deep comparison of properties / financing options)
  • Determined transferability of college credits and what questions to ask colleges (grant terms, scholarships impact on aid, cost increases in past three years, etc.)
  • Compared colleges / programs considering the cost, time commitment, living situation, career trajectory, interest
  • Avoided summer classes’ lack of federal aid
  • Assisting on a business trip to Colorado (landscaping, networking)


 is a physical trainer and entrepreneur with various ventures.

  • Finding, calling, and negotiating with product distributors 
  • Product feedback
  • Marketing strategies (i.e. using his other businesses sites and packaging to cross advertise)
  • Established Roth IRA and invested economically and prudently for relevant goals and timelines.
  • Public benefit requirements 
  • Group training locations and costs
  • Optimized pricing schedule based on revenue targets, competition, and business expenses and runway
  • Optimized allocation of time between jobs and own ventures
  • Helping with intellectual property (finding and triaging with patent lawyers, helping with paperwork)

Initial Planning Process: Qualifying, Get Organized, Discovery, Plan Delivery, Ongoing Planning
Samir Bushra, Dedicated Financial, Career, and Business Advisor

About Me

I always wanted to do exactly what I’m doing now – helping people plan and implement towards financial and career independence.

It started in earnest at my first internship, a non profit’s financial counseling branch. We specialized in credit counseling for people who really had nowhere else to go. Tough conversations and real stories abound, I’ve been chasing that sense of personal fulfillment ever since. I love helping people.

After a few experiences as an employee at large banks (i.e. Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank.) and helping manage the investments of both my university’s endowment and a Registered Investment Advisory practice out of the state of Washington, I came to a hard hitting realization.

Myself asking Minneapolis Fed Chair, Neel Kashkari, a question.

Myself asking Minneapolis Fed Chair, Neel Kashkari, a question. 

Fourth grader me rapping about peace at an Iraq War march.

Fourth grader me rapping about peace at an Iraq War march.

My Dad built a little library. I helped a little.

My Dad built a little library. I helped a little. 

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Otherwise, call me at (612) 590-5423 or email me here.

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